Changing Tanning Bed Bulbs

When tanning, you want to ensure that you are getting the best results from your tanning bed bulbs. The best way to do this is to know when to change your bulbs. The length of time between changing your bulbs makes all the difference in the tan you will achieve. Most bulbs are made to go at least 1000 hours, but by changing them more frequently you are able to enhance you tanning results. Changing bulbs every 600 to 800 hours is recommended if you want to see results faster.

In most tanning beds you will see that even after 1000 hours the bulbs are still extremly bright. This may be confusing when deciding whether or not it is time to change your bulbs. Even after 10,000 hours bulbs will still maintain a brightness, but after a 1000 hours bulbs stop producing large amounts of UV rays that allow you to tan. When changing your bulbs always remember the newer and fresher the bulb the better your tan will be. It is better to go ahead and change them to optimize your results, than to wait and spend countless hours in the tanning bed and not see any results for weeks.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist either to be able to change tanning bed bulbs. First, you must know what size and intensity you desire in your bulbs. There are many different types of bulbs, and determining the right one that is best for you is very important. Most tanning beds come with a standard high output bulb. If you decide to change from a high output bulb to a higher intensity bulb, be sure that your skin type will be able to handle it.  After you have picked the size and intensity of the bulb you desire, make sure that your tanning bed is off, or hasn’t  been used for a while and the bulbs are cool.  Next, simply unscrew the existing bulbs and discard. The new bulbs should screw in just as easily as taken out.