Tanning Bed Bulb Brands

There are many different types of tanning bulb brands that all offer different amenities. Depending on what you want to achieve from your tanning bed, there is certainly a brand that will satisfy your needs.  Choosing the right brand of bulb is like choosing the darkness of tan you are wanting to achieve.  The higher the intensity of the bulb the better your tan will be, and the less you will have to change your bulbs.

One brand that is highly recommended is Wolff Bellarium S Tanning Bed Bulbs. For many years this brand has been the competition for many other tanning bed bulb brands. They offer optimum output and are great for at home tanning beds or salon tanning beds. They even offer a bulb that the consumer can customize the UVA and UVB wavelengths. They have always  been a company that puts their customer first, and this is why they have consistently been one of the top tanning bulb brands.

Another good alternative to the Wolff tanning bed bulb, would be the SunQuest tanning bed bulb. These bulbs are also great. These bulbs are designed to give optimal results while tanning without burning the skin. The SunQuest bulbs are actually made to keep the skin cool. They are also made to last longer, and are able to be changed less frequently than most tanning bed bulb brands.

Whether or not you choose one of these tanning bed bulb brands, you have to find a bulb that best fits you and your tanning bed. These bulbs offer high quality performance, and have been rated number one time after time by consumers. It is worth buying a better performing bulb that you won’t have to change as often, rather that spend countless amounts of money buying new bulbs that are just not lasting long enough.