Tanning Bed Bulb Safety

When using your tanning bed it is very important that you use it responsibly. Just like if you are overexposed to the sun, you can cause severe damage to your skin if you are overexposed to tanning bed bulbs. Too much of a good thing, can sometimes be a bad thing. You don’t want to end up looking like George Hamilton. When you use the tanning bed more than 20 minutes a session, or daily, your skin can start to look tight and leathery.

It is also important that you never expose your eyes while under tanning bed bulbs. It is recommended that tanning goggles be used every time you expose your face to tanning bed bulbs. Not only can the UV lights damage your eyes if left exposed, but squinting your eyes under the tanning bed bulbs can cause crows feet, or wrinkles around the eyes.  Another good thing to use while in the tanning bed, is a SPF protector. Most people would think they wouldn’t need that because they’re not directly under the sun. The tanning bed bulbs work just like the sun, and produce the same UV rays that cause the same skin damaging effects as the sun. It is best to protect your skin while in the tanning bed, just like you would if you were tanning outside under the sun.

You should also take a look at your skin tone before tanning. Obviously, if you have a lighter complexion don’t get in the tanning bed your first time for twenty minutes. By doing so, you are more likely to burn, and regret ever using  the tanning bed. If you have a darker complexion go for about fifteen minutes your first time and work your way up to twenty minutes. It is also important to abstain from the tanning bed all together if you are pregnant, or have any other kind of skin diseases or skin sensitivities. If you have any kind of sun allergy, tanning beds are just not safe for you. Remember that tanning beds are to be used responsibly and not doing so can lead to life altering results. But, when used properly they have been proven to show amazing results fast and lasting.