Tanning Bed Bulb Sizes

Depending on what type of tanning bed you have, there are  many different size bulbs to fit your tanning bed. Most tanning beds that are designed to be used at home require a F71 type bulb. These are 100 watt bulbs with metal pins on either end. These are the most common bulbs and are more likely to be used by someone that uses their tanning bed less frequently, or at lower volumes. If you have a high intense bed, then you may want to go with a F59 bulb. These bulbs are usually 160 watts, and are made more for a higher volume of uses.  These bulbs are great for salon use, where your beds are constantly running.

When choosing to buy a tanning bed, you should consider the size of the person or people that will be using your tanning bed.  The most common tanning lamp is 71″ long. You want to ensure that the bulb light coverage you will be getting will be enough to tan the entire body.  A six foot tanning bed will comfortably tan someone who is about 5’8. A seven foot tanning bed will accommodate a person that is about 6’8. So, if you are taller or plan to have taller people using your bed, it is best to go with a larger tanning bed.

The longer the tanning bed, the longer the bulb. It is always best to get a larger bed, even if you are shorter or petite. You will be more comfortable and there will be no worries about not getting enough coverage.  You don’t want to get your tanning bed and then realize your 6’2  husband can’t fit his head and feet in it at the same time. There are many sizes to choose from, and it simply depends on your preference to determine which bulb best fits you and your budget.