Tanning Bed Bulb Types

Most people looking for tanning bed bulbs are looking for the most intense tanning bed bulb they can possibly find. There are many options when deciding what type of tanning bed bulb is best for you.  There are many different tanning bed bulb types that all offer different results. Some bulbs are made for people with darker complexions and have a higher UVB intensity, while others are made for fair complexions. The best way to find out what bulb is best for you is to go over the different options and what bulb best fits your lifestyle.

One tanning bed bulb type is the  RUVA bulb. This bulb offers a higher output, and includes a built in reflector. It is definitely more intense than a standard tanning bed bulb. This bulb is made for someone who wants to achieve a deep golden tan in a short period of time. The RUVA bulbs are a bit more expensive, and are usually found on the more expensive tanning beds.  The VHO bulbs, or very high output bulbs, offer 140 to 160 watts and require a separate set of electronics to enable them to run. They are also made for people who want to maintain a deep golden tan.  HO, or high output bulbs, are the standard bulb. They are 80 to 100 watts, and are pretty much what you would find in most tanning beds. They are safe to use if you have a fair or a dark complexion.  

If you are tannning your face specifically, there are also bulbs made for just that. Facial tanning bulbs have a blue cover that block out damaging ultraviolet waves. When tanning your face, you want to be extra careful as your facial tissue is much more sensitive. The less harsh the lighting across your face the better. You wouldn’t want to burn your face over and over while using the tanning bed. Facial tanning bed bulbs are greatly recommended for dark or fair complexions.